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133 Saint Matthews Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky
Erika  Ross

Hometown | Birthday
Louisville, Kentucky | 29 November

How long have you been a stylist?
22 years

When did you start your career at Twisted?

What is your favorite Bb product?
Thickening Full Form Mousse. I love the texture and volume it gives regardless of the amount of hair a client has.

What is your favorite hair memory?
I always wanted a "rat tail" growing up but my mom would never let me have one. So, now I have a secret love for "rat tails."

What is you favorite restaurant?
J. Alexander's

What inspires you?
Beth Menardi form Menardi/Menardi Salon in New York City. I have been to education events with her as the main stage artist and I always leave with such inspiration.

What is your favorite color?

What words would people use to describe you?
Sensitive, and I love to laugh.

What's your worst hair memory?
My mom took me to get a "trim" at a barber shop. Needless to say, I left in tears looking like a little boy!


Erika Ross
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