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133 Saint Matthews Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky
Kara  Dennison

Hometown | Birthday
Louisville, KY | October 25th

How many years have you been a stylist?
7 years

Favorite Bumble & Bumble product:
Surf Spray, I just love the texture and look it gives!

When did you start your career at Twisted?
May 2016

Favorite hair memory:
When I cut my first A-line bob and it turned out great!

Worst Hair Memory?
When my hair broke off on a curling iron in high school… I had a panic attack!

Favorite thing about Louisville?
I love that it’s a city with a small town feel! I also love how it’s such a foodie town!

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Everything… fashion, movies, the past and all of my fellow artists!

What 3 words would people use to describe you?
Passionate, caring and stylish.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?
I’m a great cook and I love to stay in!

What’s your favorite hair era, and why?
The 20’s, I love the amazing looks that were created with such little product!

What’s your favorite time of the year?
Fall, I love the fresh air and the leaves falling!


Kara Dennison
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